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Your story and your experience of Hug-a-Bub is what keeps us joyful and motivated.

  • Perhaps you are having a terrific time and want to share videos and photos of what you're up to on Facebook and Instagram, or you may have some tips to share or questions to ask.
  • Maybe you're nervous about or struggling with tying your Hug-a-Bub wrap carrier or ring sling and need a reassuring helping hand. That's fine, and we had to learn too so we can certainly help there!  Direct message us on FB or Insta, phone us on 02 8911 0642 or email us We will try to help you in real time or at the very least, very quickly.
  • Perhaps you would like to leave a review! As well as on this site, Product Review is a good place to leave reviews as it's independent and brands can't interfere.  It makes really interesting reading!
  • Maybe you want to exchange or return a product. In most cases, that's no problem at all. Just call us on 02 8911 0642 or email us with your request at and we'll help you out.
  • Are you unhappy for any reason, don't be shy! Sock it to us! We are parents and consumers too and we choose to embrace the negative, and make adjustments and changes to the way we design, teach and showcase Hug-a-Bub. Happily we hear from many many happy Hug-a-Bub wearers so we are cheerful and curious and open to feedback.  Email or phone us on +61 2 8911 0642. 

In other words, we love to hear from you and we listen, no matter what it's about. 

And please please, if you have some wonderful pix or video, please show us! We're on Instagram @hugabub.carriers and @newbielove.carriers