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Hug-a-Bub born in Byron Bay

Reading Jean Liedloff's famous book The Continuum Concept led a Byron Bay doula, mother and chilbirth educator to the world of baby carrying ("babywearing"). 

In 1998 Byron Bay mothers and fathers began wearing her first Hug-a-Bubs, marvelling at their newfound freedom as they shopped at organic markets, walked their children to craft lessons and enjoyed Byron's famous beaches.

Their experiences fitted in with Leidloff's observations, now scientifically proven, that babies in developing countries who were mostly carried on the body hardly cried and seemed more content than the pampered infants in the West.

Byron Bay parents were among the first to discover what we all know today: "My baby hates being put down".

Since then, tens of thousands of Australian babies have enjoyed the security and comfort of Hug-a-Bub.  As a result, tens of thousands of our country's children and young adults have begun their lives with benefits that will stay with them forever.

The precious gift of being carried in Hug-a-Bub has soothed and nurtured their emotional self, while also looking after their cognitive and physical development.

Babies are dependent on their parents to make the right choices, and our Byron Bay beginnings kickstarted a movement still popular today - the choice to Hug-a-Bub your baby to demonstrate your love and attention.