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Newbie Love - Organic Smooth Black & FREE BABY EINSTEIN: Baby MacDonald - A Day on the Farm DVD (rrp $22.95)

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Nature rewards you for keeping your newborn close to your body. Their sense of security, their development and their happiness are intertwined with your touch, your smell and your close attention.

Newborns need your protection, so now you can enjoy the secure feeling of the patented protective neck pillow, built into the Newbie Love to support your delicate newborn's head and neck. 


It's not hard to learn to use NewbieLove, it's as easy as learning to plait hair and nervous parents just like you have done it easily by following the step by step instructions. Pay attention to the TIGHTENING part of the instructions to get a really good result.

The simple Basic Carry or the Front Wrap Cross Carry method (see step by step videos on the Newbie Love site) will get you going immediately, and it will take about 3 times to get it so you can do it without the instructions. It's great to try with a rolled-up towel or stuffed toy. 

Suitable from 3.2 kg (newborn), and seek health professional advice is your baby is smaller and/or premature. Never lay your baby horizontal.

We all know babies are cooler and more comfortable in cotton.

Your NewbieLove is particularly lovely in chemical free GOTS certified organic cotton.

Organic cotton is particularly suitable for newborn babies, with no toxins or chemicals to irritate skin. It's more environmental and chemical-free than man-made fibres bamboo rayon or viscose, and it's soft to touch and wear, and fully breathable.

Tip: Ensure your baby is Visible and Kissable (Baby Carrier Industry Alliance recommendation) and for further comfort, keep in mind T.I.C.K.S. safety guidelines when using any baby carriers (Tight against your body, In View at All Times, Close enough to kiss, Keep chin off chest, Supported Back).   

While there is no strict weight limit, up to 14 kg is recommended as a guide.

Pure GOTS-Certified Organic Cotton

Certified Fair Trade

Machine washable warm or cold gentle cycle.  Tumble dry on low heat.


Current special: FREE BABY EINSTEIN: Baby MacDonald - A Day on the Farm DVD 

(rrp $22.95)

Recommended for babies from 9 months & up.
* A fun-filled introduction to the sights and sounds of a farm
* Features live-action images and engaging visuals of puppets, children, toys and real-world objects
* Combines traditional nursery rhymes with the beautiful music of Schubert, Schumann and Strauss
* Zoned for Australia and New Zealand

*Total running time approx. 30 minutes